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Real Estate Division: Why Buy or Sell With Us?

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From The FUSE Real Estate Division

Written by: Jeff Gilbert
Reading Time: 1 Minute

If you are planning or considering the purchase of an investment property in the Simcoe County region of central Ontario, we encourage you to take advantage of our investment expertise. We manage a diverse portfolio of investment property in the area, we know the rents, we know who your tenants will be and we know how to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

As a buyer, you do not pay any commission, so why would you represent yourself or use a realtor who does not specialize working with investment real estate? It’s like having your family doctor perform heart surgery on you. You just wouldn’t do that, you would only allow a heart surgeon to perform surgery.

Reach out for a complimentary consultation with one of our investment minded realtors. Let us know your goals and what you are looking for and from there both of us can determine if it’s a relationship worth taking to the next level.

About Fuse

Fuse Property Management Inc has been providing professional real estate management to clients in the Simcoe County region, mainly Barrie and Orillia, since 2009. With a strong background in real estate, we manage a large portfolio of our own investment real estate and have developed a proven system to strategically manage your investment property.